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 Learn how to use your Vot-ER badge, get legal guidance on healthcare-based voter registration, download materials, and more!

Get Started with a Vot-ER Badge

Two pediatric medical residents, one white and one Black, both masked, and posing with a a blue and red ID badge with a QR code in center and side label that reads, “Ready to Vote?”
Badge User Guide
The ultimate Vot-ER badge guide for both beginners and  seasoned users.
Conversation Starters
Learn how to spark nonpartisan, engaging conversations about voting with patients.
Track Your Impact
See how many voters you or your team have helped!
Training Video Library
Watch training videos about how to talk to patients about the power of their vote.
Vot-ER Intro Deck
Introduce Vot-ER and healthcare-based voter registration to colleagues and leaders at your institution. (Google Slides)
Vot-ER One-Pager
Download and share the Vot-ER one-pager (PDF).
Civic Health Deck
Present about the link between health, voting, the social determinants of health, and the structural determinants of health. (Google Slides)

Present About Vot-ER

Physician, Dr. Jennifer Caputo presenting; slide reads "The Importance of Civic Health"


How do the badges work?

Vot-ER badges are our most popular tool and the fastest way to integrate civic engagement into your hospital. Here’s how the badges work:

  • Scan: Patients or colleagues scan the QR code on the badge with their personal mobile device.
  • Nonpartisan voter platform: The QR connects to Vot-ER ‘s nonpartisan, self-service platform where voters can register, request a mail-in ballot, or learn more about voting.
  • Assistance 24/7: The Vot-ER platform guides users through each step, and if they need further assistance, they can contact our 24/7 helpline.
  • Track your impact*: Badges have unique QR codes that allow each person to track how many voters they’ve helped.
  • Resources: Vot-ER provides online resources and training to help health care workers use the badges confidently and effectively.

* Only badges created since August 2021 have this trackable feature.

How can I get started while I wait for my Vot-ER badge to arrive?

We’re so excited to have you on board! To get started right away, you can print a badge, download voter registration flyers, add a voter registration message to your email signature, and more at: vot-er.org/download.

How do I bring up voter registration to my patient?

Encourage your patients to vote by sharing nonpartisan, personal examples, such as “I vote because I care about the world I am leaving for my children,” rather than talking about specific candidates or parties.

For more guidance on how to start the conversation, check out our voter scripts.

Do I have to get approval before wearing a Vot-ER badge?

The vast majority of health care workers do not need to get approval. As a healthcare professional, you’re free to place any information on your ID badge that is helpful to you and your patients. The important thing to remember is that patients choose whether to use Vot-ER’s registration platform and when they do so, they share information on their own phones. In short, you are offering patients an opportunity to access voter information—you’re not conducting the registration yourself.

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