VotER Internships

  1. Design, Health, & Democracy Internship [Spring 2021 – Stipended]

Vision: At VotER, we envision a more inclusive American democracy. We are creating a future where those most hurt by the healthcare system are empowered to fix it by inviting their voices into the democratic process.

Diversity and inclusion: As an organization with a vision focused on an inclusive American democracy, we aim to reflect that standard in our own organization as well. We welcome candidates from diverse and unexpected backgrounds. 

Position description:

Launched in 2020, VotER has scaled rapidly this year, now with 25,000 participating healthcare providers, 150 hospitals, and a range of other partners. Heading into 2021, we have learned so much from 2020 and the context we face is completely different. 

Some of what we’ve learned suggests that we need to redesign our website, technology platforms, and design assets. This could range from creating a new home page for our website to improving the design of our Healthy Democracy Kits to helping think through how we visualize data to improve on our work. We have a strong network of advisors in these areas, and you would receive external help and professional development in this work. 

Another aspect of what we’ve learned is that part of our role is to provide steady, consistent, fast-turn-around design support to our partners to provide them with customized materials. As part of our team, you would be responsible for providing these customized resources to our partners.

This is a remote part-time or full-time internship for Spring 2020 that comes with a stipend. 

How you enjoy showing up:

  • Your professional goals or personal experiences have a strong link to either health, democracy, policy, or politics
  • You can both manage longer-term efforts and make time for short-term urgent to-dos
  • You enjoy a combination of routine and non-routine tasks
  • You are comfortable with the highs and lows of working in a startup
  • You enjoy being a part of a diverse team that has a strong sense of community


  • Experience with graphic design and web design – any tools or platforms
  • Appreciation of data and interest in supporting others to visualize data
  • Creativity, brainstorming, and coming up with new and novel ideas
  • Coding experience or desire to learn coding is a plus but not necessary


Email VotER’s Chief Operating Officer Aliya at aliya [at] vot-er [dot] org using the subject line “Design, Health, & Democracy Internship” with a sample of your graphic design work or portfolio, an example of a website you have designed, your resume (if easily available), and answers to the following 2 prompts: 

  1. Share a description of a project you particularly enjoyed working on. Please be sure to provide detail of the context, your role, the broader team, and why you enjoyed it. 
  2. Why are you interested in working with VotER?
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