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Healthy Democracy Campaign

The Healthy Democracy Campaign is an annual voter registration drive competition between medical schools and other healthcare education programs.
This year's Healthy Democracy Campaign starts on August 1, 2022 and runs through September 20.

Participating schools receive free civic engagement materials and training, then compete to reach the most eligible voters.

Questions? Contact the Healthy Democracy Team.


Why should I be a captain?

Health issues are at stake in every election, and communities that are more likely to vote are also more likely to have their voices heard on important issues affecting their health. You have a unique opportunity to use your position in the health system to increase voter turnout.

Plus, past captains have made a big impact and gained valuable skills and knowledge.

I'm not a healthcare education student; can I be a captain at my institution?

The Healthy Democracy Campaign is for medical students, residents, and nursing students.

We also host a Healthy Democracy Campaign for social work students every March. Even if you're not in a healthcare education program, you can sign up for Civic Health Month or help recruit a captain at your school!

What's the time commitment? My schedule is packed!

The Healthy Democracy Campaign is designed for medical students and other health program students with busy schedules. The time commitment is flexible and ranges from 30 minutes to several hours per week.

In general, the more time you dedicate to the Healthy Democracy Campaign, the better chance your team has of winning and achieving our goal of increasing voter turnout and creating a more inclusive democracy.

Vot-ER also provides email templates and other resources that make it easy for you to make a big impact while saving time.

If you're worried about the time commitment, we recommend finding a co-captain (or 2 or 3) to split the work. (It's even better if you team up with a co-captain from another class because your exams are less likely to fall on the same day.)

I have no community organizing experience. Can I still be a captain?

Yes! No prior experience is necessary. We'll provide all the training you need and any additional support you want!

What would I do as a captain?

As a team captain, you mobilize a team of students and faculty to "score points" by registering voters. Vot-ER provides your team with 100 free voter registration badges and trains you in community organizing.

Here are some activities you could organize as a team captain:

  • Digital outreach on social media and class listservs.
  • Distribute of Vot-ER badges to fellow students and faculty at your institution
  • Organize a voter registration drive in front of a hospital or grocery store
  • Encourage healthcare professionals at your institution to use their Vot-ER badges.
  • Organize a 1-hour text bank
  • Send emails to local high schools to register new voters
  • Encourage your classmates to use their Vot-ER badges during patient encounters
  • Incorporate voter registration status in your standard social history


When does the Healthy Democracy Campaign take place?

The Healthy Democracy Campaign begins August 1 and runs through September 20, National Voter Registration Day.

What's the Healthy Democracy Campaign?

The Healthy Democracy Campaign is an annual voter registration competition among medical schools and other health care education programs.

Participating schools receive free civic engagement materials and compete to reach the most eligible voters.

Sign up to be a Team Captain

Are you interested in building your leadership and organizing experience while increasing voter registration in your communities? Sign up to be your school's team captain! 

All medical students, PA students, nursing students, and residents are eligible.

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