Emergency Room Based Voter Registration

Working with Hospitals across the country to provide convenient nonpartisan voter registration platforms for patients while they wait.

The Problem

Across the country there are more than 51 million Americans who are eligible but are currently not registered to vote.

Unregistered voters are disproportionately made up of three groups: the young, low income Americans, and people of color.

Welcome to Fast Track in the ER

ERs often have Fast Track sections where low acuity issues are addressed. These areas are often non-urgent, not fast, and not prioritized when sicker patients come in. Patients in Fast Track are most often made up of the ‘walking well‘ who sometimes wait hours until they are discharged.

Patients who utilize ‘Fast Track’ portions of the ER at higher rates for non-emergent chief complaints are often patients who lack stable access to care and are disproportionately made up of three groups: young patients, low income patients, and patients of color.

We believe this demographic overlap is an opportunity to access a captive audience

The Solution

VotER Kiosks offer a convenient nonpartisan way for patients to register to vote while they wait.

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