Privacy Policy

  • We don’t sell your data.
  • We do opt-in people who give us their emails into our newsletter updates and into Civic Health Month updates.
  • If you provide your phone number in your Healthy Democracy Kit sign up form or video form, we do sometimes text you to nudge you to use your kit.
  • We do collaborate with local civic engagement organizations, and it is possible you will get added to their mailing list if you sign up for a webinar or event that we jointly host with them.
  • We do use data for research purposes as we are a subsidiary of Massachusetts General Hospital, which is affiliated with Harvard Medical School.
  • We do build community among VotER users in the same hospitals and locations, and we sometimes provide local organizers with information about other customers in their communities.
  • Our partners TurboVote and Vote.Org each have comprehensive privacy policies that lay out the privacy provisions for those using their services for voter registration and vote-by-mail requests.