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Civic Health Month



Health is always on the ballot.

August is Civic Health Month—a time to showcase the link between voting and health and celebrate efforts that ensure each and every voter has the opportunity to support their community’s health at the ballot box.

Every August, over 300 organizations nationwide, including the American Medical Association, Massachusetts General Hospital, and the National Medical Association, join together to celebrate, learn, and take action to improve the civic health of their communities.
of health outcomes are determined by non-medical factors
The reality is that 80% of health outcomes are determined by non-clinical factors, like access to food and affordable housing.

Healthcare institutions have a unique role to play in contributing to civic health as frequent, and often trusted, touchpoints for community members.Empowering community members to register to vote and participate in elections is a critical action healthcare institutions and providers can take to create a healthier democracy.
Over 300 hospitals, healthcare associations, and civic engagement organizations unite to celebrate Civic Health Month in August.
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