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Thousands of health professionals across the country are using Vot-ER badges to give their patients an opportunity to access a nonpartisan voter registration platform in the hospital or clinic.

Get a free voter registration badge today and join the movement for a healthier democracy!
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How it Works

Two health professionals in blue scrubs hold up blue and red ID badges with a QR code and large text that reads, “Ready to Vote?”
Vot-ER badges feature a QR code that links to our nonpartisan voter registration platform.
Person scanning a QR code with their mobile phone
Patients scan the QR code with their personal devices.
A Black person places a mail-in ballot in a silver mailbox
Patients can then register to vote, request a mail-in ballot, or learn about upcoming elections on the platform.


Badge Order Form

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If you can't see the form below, try this link: forms.vot-er.org/badge

Team Badges

If you'd like to order badges for your group, department, or institution, each member of your team can order their badge right on this page—just be sure to include the same organization on the order form.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the badges work?

Vot-ER badges are our most popular tool and the fastest way to integrate civic engagement into your hospital. Here’s how the badges work:

  • Scan: Patients or colleagues scan the QR code on the badge with their personal mobile device.
  • Nonpartisan voter platform: The QR connects to Vot-ER ‘s nonpartisan, self-service platform where voters can register, request a mail-in ballot, or learn more about voting.
  • Assistance 24/7: The Vot-ER platform guides users through each step, and if they need further assistance, they can contact our 24/7 helpline.
  • Track your impact*: Badges have unique QR codes that allow each person to track how many voters they’ve helped.
  • Resources: Vot-ER provides online resources and training to help health care workers use the badges confidently and effectively.

* Only badges created since August 2021 have this trackable feature.

Can I order badges for my team or a larger group?

Yes, each member of your team can order their badge at vot-er.org/badge; just be sure to include the same team, department or institution on the order form. Then each team member will receive a badge and lanyard in the mail and can track how many voters they registered individually and as a team!

I ordered a Vot-ER badge. When will I receive it?

Each Vot-ER badge is printed with a unique QR code (so you can track your impact), so delivery may take up to three weeks. To access voter registration materials in the meantime, go to vot-er.org/download to print a badge, voter registration flyers and more.

Can I get badges to distribute to other people?

If you’d like to order badges for your group, department, or institution, each member of your team can order their badge right from vot-er.org/badge—just be sure to include the same organization on the order form.

Do the Vot-ER badges from last election still work?

Absolutely. All Vot-ER materials will continue to work until at least the end of 2024. Older badges (from before August 2021) have all new features except individualized tracking.

How can I get started while I wait for my Vot-ER badge to arrive?

We’re so excited to have you on board! To get started right away, you can print a badge, download voter registration flyers, add a voter registration message to your email signature, and more at: vot-er.org/download.

What if patients have questions about voter registration that I cannot answer?

We partnered with VoteRiders to create a patient helpline with a chatbot and live person available 24/7 in English and Spanish.

Do I have to get approval before wearing a Vot-ER badge?

The vast majority of health care workers do not need to get approval. As a healthcare professional, you’re free to place any information on your ID badge that is helpful to you and your patients. The important thing to remember is that patients choose whether to use Vot-ER’s registration platform and when they do so, they share information on their own phones. In short, you are offering patients an opportunity to access voter information—you’re not conducting the registration yourself.