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Track Your Impact

Health care professionals like you have helped over 89,000 voters register or prepare to vote! Thank you for participating in this important work — now let’s see how many voters you’ve helped!

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Note: This page is best viewed on a desktop computer or laptop.

Your Impact Dashboard

Your dashboard reflects the total number of voter registration processes and absentee ballot requests initiated through your Vot-ER badge. Enter your tracking code to access your unique dashboard.

How to track your impact

To use the tracking feature, you need to find your unique tracking code, which is on the front of your badge and is either:

  • a numeric code after the vote.health link
  • an SMS keyword (usually similar to your organization’s name)
Bottom of Vot-ER badge, with vote.health/XXX emphasized
Bottom of Vot-ER badge, with "VOTE PENN" emphasized

Once you find your tracking code, enter it in the “Enter your code” field above. Then select Add Filter to access your Impact Dashboard.

Tip: Save your tracking code and bookmark this page for easier access to your dashboard in the future!

Can’t find your tracking code?

You likely received an earlier version of our badge. Thank you for being one of the early adopters 😎! Since you joined Vot-ER, we upgraded our technology: get a free, new badge to track your impact!