Terms of Use

  • As a subsidiary of 501c3 organization, VotER is, and you will be, nonpartisan when using VotER tools on site, at events or during on-site voter engagement activities. You cannot suggest which candidate to vote for or political party to support.
  • Ensure that use of your Healthy Democracy Kit is in compliance with your hospital’s code of conduct and policies.
  • Ensure that reference to the Healthy Democracy Kit is made in a noncoercive manner. Patients must not feel that their medical care now or in the future is contingent upon or in any way altered by their decision to register to vote.
  • The only permissible modifications to the provided VotER materials include: 
    • Formatting for printing or other displays
    • Direct translation to another language
    • Adding hospital logo
  • Ensure that when shared via social media or in the news media the name VotER be used or referred to when referring to this initiative (@Vot_ER_org)
  • If you or your patients believe that your local voter registration policies are in conflict with the voter registration process in the Healthy Democracy Kit, note that the local voter registration policies take precedence. If you have questions, please first review resources provided by our partners (TurboVote and Vote.Org) and then if necessary contact your local election officials for questions regarding local voter registration policy. VotER is not responsible for protecting Healthy Democracy Kit users from the nuances of local elections law.