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We read and appreciate all notes sent our way, but due to the high volume of requests we receive, we may not always be able to answer you directly.

Question? You may find the answer in our FAQs below!


Is there a fact sheet or one-pager I can share with my institution?

Yes, please download and share our fact sheet.

Be sure to emphasize that Vot-ER 's tools are nonpartisan, non-intrusive, and completely voluntary. Patients decide for themselves if they want to use Vot-ER's platform, and can only access the platform using their own phones.

Is it legal to conduct voter registration activities in hospitals and other healthcare settings?

Yes, it's legal for hospitals and other healthcare facilities to conduct nonpartisan voter registration and education activity.

The IRS explicitly states that “501(c)(3) organizations may conduct voter engagement", and the Health Resources & Services Administration has affirmed that community health centers can run "non-partisan voter registration efforts as a means of reducing barriers to civic engagement within the communities they serve."

I’m worried that this type of outreach will interfere with care.

Vot-ER helps clinics implement civic engagement while ensuring an uninterrupted care experience for patients and staff.

All of Vot-ER 's tools and programs are designed to work independently of healthcare staff involvement, and voter registration is done exclusively through patients' personal devices. A voter text hotline is available to patients 24/7.

More than 130 healthcare sites and thousands of health care professionals across the country use Vot- ER in their daily practice. If you're concerned about the impact of civic engagement on your clinic's operations, please reach out. We want to work with you to address your concerns.

How can I get started while I wait for my Vot-ER badge to arrive?

We love that enthusiasm and we're so excited to have you on board! To get started right away, download a Vot-ER phone wallpaper, print a digital badge, and add a voter registration message to your email signature.

Do the Vot-ER badges from last election still work?

Absolutely. All Vot-ER materials will continue to work until at least the end of 2024. Older badges (from before August 2021) have all new features except individualized tracking.

Do I have to get approval before wearing a Vot-ER badge?

The vast majority of health care workers do not need to get approval. As a healthcare professional, you’re free to place any information on your ID badge that is helpful to you and your patients. The important thing to remember is that patients choose whether to use Vot-ER’s registration platform and when they do so, they share information on their own phones. In short, you are offering patients an opportunity to access voter information—you’re not conducting the registration yourself.