Democracy, STAT

 Download your Democracy, STAT toolbox and follow these three simple steps to maximize your impact now.

Step 1: Change Your Phone Background

The phone background in the final stretch toolbox has a QR Code that you can use to start registering patients and colleagues to vote. You can use it as a lock screen or even just save it to your photo gallery.

Need some conversation starters? Check out our scripts page.

Step 2: Update Your Email Signature

Add voter registration to your email signature so people can make a plan to vote, track their ballow, request an absentee ballot with the click of a button. A sample message can be found in the final stretch toolbox.

Step 3: Print a Healthy Democracy Badge

Download and print a healthy democracy badge! We recommend that you print and laminate it or at the very least print it on thick card stock. You can find the digital file in the final stretch toolbox.

Got questions about using your badge? Check out our FAQs and this page for conversation scripts about voting.


Looking to do even more? BONUS options are also located in the final stretch toolbox.