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Vaccinations and Voter Registration

Resources to incorporate voter registration at vaccination sites

Voter registration as an intervention at vaccination sites

What does voting have to do with vaccines? Voting in national, state, and local elections has a direct impact on healthcare policies, many of which determine the availability and distribution of vaccines. Both vaccinations and civic engagement offer the ability to protect and strengthen our communities, and rely on the active participation of all eligible voters to build a healthier and more inclusive democracy. Civic engagement protects communities by ensuring individuals can have a say in the policies that affect them the most, while vaccinations protects individuals from disease and limit disease transmission to others in their communities.

Voter registration is an ideal intervention in vaccination settings. It offers the ability to meet communities where they are at and provides the opportunity to reach out to those who might not typically be engaged through traditional voter registration and GOTV efforts.

Resources and Technical Assistance

Resources to use in vaccination settings & scripts to get the conversation started

We’ve come up with scripts and materials to use when engaging individuals in a conversation about voter registration and civic engagement in vaccination settings.

Request technical assistance to start voter registration at your vaccination site

Got questions about how to get started with leading voter registration activities at your vaccination sites? Click above to get in touch and speak with someone about how to use our template materials.