Scripts & Resources: Voter Registration & Vaccinations

Scripts & Resources to Talk About Voter Registration

We’ve prepared scripts to help guide you through getting the voter registration conversation started in vaccination settings, as well as posters, handouts, and band aids to connect individuals to the voter registration platform.

Prompting a Conversation

Someone just got vaccinated – yay! As they spend the next 15 minutes in observation, let’s also get them registered to vote. Here are some sample scripts you can use to get the conversation going.

  • Hello friend, my name is _______. Congratulations on getting your vaccine! May I have a minute of your time to help you protect yourself and your community in another way?
    • NO – No problem, here is some information you can take with you to read later or share with others [give flyer].
      • If someone is undocumented or you are unsure about their current immigration status – No problem. You’ve already done a great service to your community by getting your vaccination. The voting platform is only available for citizens so even though you can’t use this, we welcome you to take this flyer and share it with any family and friends who are citizens and want to vote.
    • YES – Awesome, thanks for your time. Voting is one of the most effective ways you can protect your community. Do you know if you are registered to vote?
      • YES – That’s wonderful; do you know if your friends and family are? Here is information that will help them register [give flyer].
      • I’M PRETTY SURE – Do you want to take 30 seconds to double check your voter registration on your own phone?
      • NO – Well, I have an easy and fast way to get you registered. Let’s check it out! All you have to do is scan here [show flyer with QR code] or text the following code (VOTE VAXESP -or- VOTE VAXSPA) to 34444.

Resources – Flyers, Posters, and Band Aids

You are welcome to use the following resources! Feel free to add your own logo and adapt them to your own vaccination settings. Materials are currently available in English and Spanish.

Links to the templates and instructions for making your own copies of the posters, flyers, and stickers can be found by clicking here.

“This is Our Shot” flyer Canva template

“Protect Yourself and Protect Your Community” poster Canva template

“Your Shot, Your Voice” sticker Canva template