How It Works



Completely optional.

VotER is a seamless way to offer patients the chance to register while they wait

  1. Nonpartisan. Our fundamental belief is that all patients should have easy access to voter registration through the VotER system. No matter their political affiliation all are welcome.
  2. Noninterruptive. ERs are busy places. As practicing ER doctors we understand this better than most. That’s why its important that our system does not interrupt the ordinary clinical workflow. The VotER kiosks and posters are a passive fixture in the ER. Clinical staff are not involved at all with voter registration.
  3. Completely optional. Patients decide on their own whether or not they want to use the time they wait in the ER to use the kiosk or QR code enabled posters to register to vote. The decision to walk up to the stands or use the posters to register to vote on their phones is entirely patient driven.

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