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Georgia health care providers across all role groups and specialties can help their patients vote by mail, vote early in person, or find their election day polling place. It’s as simple as giving your patient the QR code and letting them scan it on their phone. The site guides your patients from there! Vot-ER Healthy Democracy Kits are created and shipped at no cost to health care providers.

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Over 26,000 health care providers just like you are already taking action toward creating a healthy democracy. RNs, MDs, DOs, PAs, LICSWs and health care providers across all specialties are taking this low-effort, high-impact action. Your Vot-ER Healthy Democracy Kit includes a lanyard, badge backer, Vot-ER conversation scripts, and optional posters. Vot-ER is proudly a non-partisan 501c3 non-profit.

Health Care Providers are allowed to help patients vote.

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“I created Vot-ER because as an ER physician, on a daily basis I see the faces of failed policy coming in our doors. There is more that we can do besides procedures and prescriptions to help our patients, and that includes addressing the social determinants of health through civic action. Asking one simple question during a patient’s visit could revolutionize entire communities over time.” – Alister F. Martin, M.D., M.P.P.

“Almost all respond enthusiastically that they are registered and can’t wait to vote.”


– Doctor, Emory University Hospital

“I want to improve the healthcare system, I want to elect leaders who care about providers and patients.”


– Social Worker, Savannah Outpatient Clinic

“Several 18-year-olds have scanned my badge and will hopefully register and vote.”


– Physicians Assistant, Albany Area Primary Health Care

“I love the idea that I was able to help someone register to vote so effortlessly.”


– Doctor, Family Health Centers of Georgia

VotER is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization. Our goal is to provide patients the opportunity to vote because much of our healthcare system and healthcare experiences are determined by the policies our elected officials implement. We are nonpartisan because we believe in a truly democratic process and aspire towards an American democracy that is inclusive to all. VotER does not support or oppose any political party or candidate for office. Rather, we hope that everyone takes it upon themselves to be politically engaged and informed so that they can vote for those that best represent their interests. Any and all views expressed by individuals or partners are their own and do not constitute the views or position of VotER.

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