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VotER and Telehealth for Clinical Providers

VotER and Telehealth visits

As clinical providers transition to telehealth for online appointments, evaluations, and other forms of remote work, many wonder how and if VotER can be adapted to telehealth platforms. VotER uses links and text short codes to quickly connect people to state based voter registration. This makes it safe and convenient to register people to vote on all telehealth platforms. Once the patient you work with starts the VotER registration process, the platform will guide them based on their state specific guidelines.

Just follow the three steps below.

1. Bookmark this page.

To make this page easily accessible we recommend bookmarking this page or pinning it to your home page. This step will reduce the amount of time you spend searching for the page during your interactions with patients.

2. Prompt the conversation.

Many providers find that the best time to weave in the voter registration prompt is towards the end of the visit.

Conversation Prompt:

"Before I let you go, I wanted to acknowledge that with all the disruptions related to COVID19 it can be hard to do the important tasks like remembering to register to vote. Are you ready to vote in the next election?"

3. Paste/edit this invitation.

Making a direct invitation for patients to get registered to vote or request their mail in ballot is the most important step. You can easily do that by providing the link or text short code for them to text in the body of the below invitation text. The platform will walk them through the remaining steps on their phone or on the computer after your visit is over.

Invitation text:

I want to help you prepare to have a healthy, safe voting experience. Register to vote where you live now and request a mail ballot by using this site or text ‘vote healthy’ to the number 34444 on your phone.


Reminder follow up messages or simple phrases like "any trouble with the voter registration process" on your next visit are good ways to close the loop and nudge completion of the voter registration process. Once clients are registered to vote, the VotER platform will take care of further follow up reminders and state specific information about when and where there upcoming elections are.