Social Work and Vot-ER

Voting is Social Work

Voting, a human right, provides individuals with an equal voice, self-determination, power within the political system, and meaningful participation in the decision-making process. From the settlement house movement in the 1920s to Human SERVE (Human Service Employees Voter Registration and Education Campaign) in the 1980s and to Voting is Social Work (National Social Work Voter Mobilization Campaign) today, social workers have encouraged people to vote. The profession has long understood that voter engagement increases individual well-being, promotes civic participation, and is essential to a robust democracy

Vot-ER wants to make it easier for social workers across the country to continue to do hard work of voter registration to ensure an equitable health care system and a just society

Resources and Best Practices

Order your Healthy Democracy Kit and use our scripts to get the conversation started.

Social workers across all specialties can use the Vot-ER badge backers to help the people they serve register to vote. It’s simple – just show the people you work with the QR code and have them scan it on their phone. The site guides them from there!

Scripts for responding to frequently asked questions from clients

We’ve come up with scripts, responses, and handouts that answer common questions that might be asked when talking about the voter registration process with the people you work with.

How to talk to colleagues and leadership about Vot-ER and voter registration

We’ve created printed materials and talking points to answer questions from colleagues and leadership on the importance of incorporating voter registration into your organization’s social work practice.