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Making your voice heard in the next election is quick and simple. Take just 2 minutes to register now using our user-friendly online tool. Urgency matters! Some states allow same day voter registration, but others require advance registration — so double-check your registration status now to ensure you will be able to vote in the upcoming election!

Check your Registration and/or Register to Vote

Many states provide absentee, mail-in, or early in-person voting options to fit your schedule. Familiarize yourself with the options available in your state. Learn more.

Learn about your Early Voting Options

Locate your polling location and its hours. Learn about what voter ID laws apply to you and what identification you may need to bring with you by providing your address here.

Explore your Day-Of Voting Options

Gain insight into where candidates stand on key issues that matter to you, such as democracy and health outcomes. Familiarize yourself with any ballot measures. You can get non-partisan information here.

Research Candidates & Ballot Initiatives

Share what you’ve learned with friends and family as you craft your voting strategy, and encourage them to do the same. Then, exercise your right to vote and make your voice count!

Share your Plans

Use the power of your voice to make a massive impact.


Want to make an even bigger impact? Find out how you can easily get your colleagues, friends, and family to vote using our tools and trainings by going to vot-er.org/resources

Get the downloadable PDF guide here