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We’ve created several digital offerings that allow you to reach patients beyond your clinic walls and help them vote in a safe and healthy way this November. Digital connections are especially useful in light of COVID-19, when many patients are avoiding in-person visits. 

Our digital tools provide patients with a link that allows them to register to vote and/or request their mail-in ballot in 90 seconds or less using their phone or another device. Clinics are able to track and report on their impact, and all of our digital tools are free for partners.

How to text your patients voter registration and mail-in voting reminders using VotER's digital tools.

Text Messages

Clinics, Community Health Centers, and Hospitals have access to patient phone Clinics, community health centers, and hospitals have access to patient phone numbers. They also routinely send appointment or follow-up reminders via text using CareMessage, Medumo, or other communications platforms. But to date, most have not leveraged these tools to engage patients in the voting process.

VotER has two easy approaches to help patients get registered to vote/get
mail in ballots and in a way that clinics can track and report on.

Approach 1 - Patient-list SMS: VotER crafts messaging (with tracking links) that clinics can send out using the patient phone numbers they have on file via their traditional messaging channels (e.g. Care Message, Medumo). VotER reports back on metrics.


Partner sends VotER-crafted SMS

Recommended for Community Health Center and Clinic partners

Approach 2 - Geo-targeted SMS: VotER crafts messaging (with tracking links) that we send out on the hospital’s behalf. We utilize the phone numbers of unregistered voters in our own database who live in the hospital’s surrounding area, meaning they likely utilize the hospital’s services. 


VotER sends partner-approved SMS messages to patients living in the neighboring communities of partner sites.

Recommended for Hospital Partners

Website Homepage

VotER crafts a message that you can add to the front page link of your hospital or clinic. This approach helps drive patients who are browsing your website to the VotER platform.

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Social Media Posts

Many hospitals and clinics already have active social media accounts that they use to engage with their patients and communities. You can leverage these channels to provide patients with important, timely information about voting. To make it easy, VotER can craft the posts for you.

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