Community Health Centers and VotER

VotER and Community Health Centers

VotER has been adapted to provide useful tools, resources, and best practices for community health centers across the country. Start right now by getting your site based and digital tools set up at your health center.

The Importance of Community Health Centers in Civic Engagement

Our nation’s community health centers provide care to many communities who traditionally do not turn out to vote in high numbers. One of the reasons that these
communities have been traditionally underrepresented may be that they have experienced barriers to voting. For too many Americans register to vote is an obstacle course and our nation’s community health centers can make it just one step easier for patients to have their voices heard.

In Partnership with the National Association of Community Health Centers

NACHC has been at the forefront of civic engagement in the health sector for decades in an effort to encourage and assist America’s community health centers in developing and implementing programs that help get patients, family members, and staff ready to have their voices heard electorally. VotER and NACHC are collaborating to make it easy for community health centers to get involved in civic engagement.

Best Practices

NACHC has created a best practices guide using the VotER tools that can be accessed below.

Legal FAQs

The legal team at NACHC has created a FAQ page that answers the most commonly asked question about community health centers and civic engagement and that can be accessed below.

Get your NACHC Cling

NACHC has created a door cling to help promote voter registration at your site. Click below to place your order.

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