Healthy Democracy Campaign 2021

Healthy Democracy Campaign 2021

The Healthy Democracy Campaign is a national competition to find out which medical school can register the most voters during National Civic Health Month in August.

Student registering a fellow student to vote at a voter registration booth

Med Out the Vote and VotER are joining forces!

AMSA’s Med Out the Vote and Vot-ER are coming together this August to kick off the second annual competition among medical schools aimed at getting patients, family, friends, and staff registered to vote! Team captains of each school will distribute Vot-ER resources to their teams to help get folks started on the voter registration and mail in ballot process.

Note: While the 2020 Healthy Democracy Campaign focused on medical school teams, the 2021 is open to both Nursing, Physician Assistant, and Social Work student teams in addition to residency programs!

How to Get Started

Think about if you’d be interested serving as your school’s Team Captain. Each Team Captain is trained in basic community organizing skills via the Marshall Ganz framework and is responsible for coordinating the bulk order process to get their team all set up with their school specific Healthy Democracy Kits! These are phone backgrounds and printable badges that direct patients to state-specific voter registration and absentee ballot request processes. Click here for resources on how the Healthy Democracy kits work.

School-Specific Badges Give Us the Ability To Track Engagement!

Each school gets access to free Healthy Democracy Kits and resources like posters, handouts, and flyers that are unique to their own school!

National Scoreboard to Track Results!

We are proud to announce that we have the ability to track the number of voter registrations and mail-in ballot requests that each individual school is able to produce! This will allow us to crown a winner.


Read about just a few of last year's captains in the press!

Captain Highlight

“My time working with Vot-ER was one of my most asked about experiences on the interview trail”

Hannah Meissner

Creighton University School of Medicine 2021