Bulk Order Process

Two Approaches to Bulk Orders

Residency programs, groups that are part of schools, and hospital departments that want to order 10 or more kits have two options for placing a bulk order, traditional physical kits or digital kits. The physical kits are the traditional VotER badge backer and lanyard set up and will cost $8-10 per kit and the digital kits are free.

Unique Group Codes

We are excited to announce that both options can be made unique to your department/institution with your group’s dedicated webpage, QR code, and text short code. This means that you can receive a monthly report of how many people your group has registered to vote. This allows for group level tracking, the introduction of competitions, and internal goal setting as a group.

Physical Kits

Physical Kits are the traditional healthy democracy kit that comes pre-packaged and ready to pass out to your group. The kits are created unique to your institution and are $10 per kit(with lanyard) and $8(no lanyard). We will connect you directly to our vendor for payment once your unique kits have been made by our design team. These kits can be at your group within about 2 weeks from your order being placed with the vendor.

Note: Several residencies have already done their own internal fundraising via Venmo, for example, to bulk order between 10 – 250 kits.

Digital Kits

Digital Kits come with a PDF that you print out, laminate, and distribute to your group as well as an image file that can be used as a phone lock screen. You must ensure that all users watch the training video and agree with the terms of use (the use of all VotER kits is on a strictly non-partisan basis). The kits are created unique to your institution and come at no cost to you. These kits can be prepared for your group within 72 hours.

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