Bulk Order Process

Get your team ready to help people vote!

Residency programs, groups that are part of schools, and hospital departments that want to order 10 or more kits have two options for placing a bulk order, traditional physical kits or digital kits. The physical kits are the traditional VotER badge backer and lanyard set up and will cost $8-10 per kit and the digital kits are free.

Unique Group Codes

We are excited to announce that both options can be made unique to your department/institution with your group’s dedicated webpage, QR code, and text short code. This means that you can receive a monthly report of how many people your group has registered to vote. This allows for group level tracking, the introduction of competitions, and internal goal setting as a group.

Physical Kits

Physical Kits are the traditional healthy democracy kit that comes pre-packaged and ready to pass out to your group. The kits are created unique to your institution and are $10 per kit(with lanyard) and $8(no lanyard). We will connect you directly to our vendor for payment once your unique kits have been made by our design team. These kits can be at your group within about 2 weeks from your order being placed with the vendor.

Note: Several residencies have already done their own internal fundraising via Venmo, for example, to bulk order between 10 – 250 kits.

Digital Kits

Digital Kits come with a PDF that you print out, laminate, and distribute to your group as well as an image file that can be used as a phone lock screen. You must ensure that all users watch the training video and agree with the terms of use (the use of all VotER kits is on a strictly non-partisan basis). The kits are created unique to your institution and come at no cost to you. These kits can be prepared for your group within 72 hours.

Your institution may already digital materials available. Please check the Digital Kit Library below.

Bulk Order Kit Library
University of South Alabama College of MedicineAlabamaHOPKINSPEDLink
Alabama College of Osteopathic MedicineAlabamaUCEMLink
University of Alabama at BirminghamAlabamaUTRGVLink
University of Alabama BirminghamAlabamaUMICHLink
University of Alabama BirminghamAlabamaWAKEMEDLink
Banner University Medical Center - PhoenixArizonaNPHALink
Banner - UA PhoenixArizonaUNCLink
UArizona College of Medicine - TucsonArizonaNMOBGYNLink
A.T. Still UniversityArizonaEINSTEINLink
University of Arizona College of Medicine - PhoenixArizonaDUKELink
VotER - Vote HealthArizonaHEALTHLink
Arizona Alliance for Community Health CentersArizonaUALink
Adelante HealthcareArizonaRUSHLink
A.T. Still University School of Osteopathic Medicine in ArizonaArizonaLLUHLink
Valleywise Health CenterArizonaCHOPLink
Mayo Clinic- AZArizonaKCOMLink
Community Health Center of YavapaiArizonaNYMCLink
Graduate Medical EducationArizonaNETTERLink
Tucson Medical CenterArizonaCOLUMBIALink
Campesinos Sin FronterasArizonaKIDSLink
Campesinos Sin FronterasArizonaLURIEKIDSLink
Campesinos Sin FronterasArizonaSBHLink
El RioArizonaGUSCOMLink
Lee County Cooperative ClinicArkansasUCPSYCHLink
Advanced Allergy and AsthmaArkansasPENNSTATELink
Loma Linda University HealthCaliforniaSTANFORDLink
StanfordCaliforniaVOLS / ROCKYTOP / BIGORANGELink
Kaiser Permanente San Rafael Emergency DepartmentCaliforniaPOWERLink
Stanford Scool of MedicineCaliforniaHCMCLink
University of California, San FranciscoCaliforniaMacNealLink
East Valley Community Health CenterCaliforniaNYOGLink
Highland HospitalCaliforniaUChicagoLink
Alameda Health SystemCaliforniaIUSMLink
Keck school of medicine of USCCaliforniaRHODYLink
Interventional CardiologyCaliforniaOHSULink
LAC+USC Medical CenterCaliforniaWASHULink
UCSD School of MedicineCaliforniaUMNLink
UC San Diego School of MedicineCaliforniaSOSLink
Rush University Medical Center PediatricsCaliforniaRUSHPEDSLink
Redwoods Rural Health Center, Inc.CaliforniaHMSLink
Dientes Community Dental CareCaliforniaUICLink
Stanford School of MedicineCaliforniaMEDCATLink
Stanford School of MedicineCaliforniaKPLink
UC San DiegoCaliforniaPENNLink
UC Davis HealthCaliforniaBELLEVUELink
Imperial Beach Community ClinicCaliforniaMAIMOLink
Stanford ChildrensCaliforniaNEOMEDLink
CommuniCare Health CentersCaliforniaRILink
Inland Behavioral and Health Services, Inc.CaliforniaATSULink
David Geffen School of MedicineCaliforniaUACOMLink
LAC+ USC Medical CenterCaliforniaGLBHCLink
LAC+USC Medical CenterCaliforniaCHILink
Association of Black Women PhysiciansCaliforniaOCHCLink
Kaiser PermenenteCaliforniaMEDPEDSLink
Kaiser PermanenteCaliforniaTODAYLink
Santa Barbara Healthcare Workers for Racial JusticeCaliforniaADOLMEDLink
Children's Hospital Los AngelesCaliforniaZSFGLink
University of California, IrvineCaliforniaSLVLink
UC San Diego Family MedicineCaliforniaBADGERLink
Hubert Humphrey Comprehensive CenterCaliforniaSWLACHSLink
Tamalpais PediatricsCaliforniaNYITLink
Stanford University Department of Medicine and Emergency MedicineCaliforniaPROVIDENCELink
The Permanente Medical GroupCaliforniaUCSFLink
University of California Davis HealthCaliforniaJOESLink
Dignity HealthCaliforniaMCWLink
UCSD Pediatrics and Rady Children's HospitalCaliforniaSPARTANMDLink
UCSD and Rady Children's HospitalCaliforniaBSOMSNMALink
Nassau University Medical CenterCaliforniaVote NUMCLink
University of ColoradoColoradoBROWNLink
Frank H Netter School of Medicine at Quinnipiac UniversityConnecticutRIVOTELink
Yale New Haven HealthConnecticutAFMLink
Yale Maternal Fetal MedicineConnecticutBLUEJAYSLink
CT Children's/ConnConnecticutDHLink
Yale-New Haven HospitalConnecticutRICHMONDLink
Yale New Haven HospitalConnecticutDHCLink
Middlesex Health Family Medicine ResidencyConnecticutPCOMLink
University of Connecticut Health CenterConnecticutHILOLink
UConn School of Social WorkConnecticutEVCHCLink
Georgetown University School of MedicineDCNSUMDLink
Howard University College of MedicineDCEVMSLink
Children's National HospitalDCESSENTIALink
The George Washington University Hospital (make the link be called: vot-er.org/GW2)DCSOUTHLink
Children's National HospitalDCTJUHLink
Howard University College Of MedicineDCKUMCLink
Georgetown UniversityDCAPEXLink
Georgetown UniversityDCHRCHCLink
MedStar HealthDCGEISELLink
The George Washington School of Medicine and Health SciencesDCMAHECLink
Community Health of South Florida, Inc.FloridaPITTIMLink
Nova Southeastern University College of Allopathic MedicineFloridaVCULink
Medical StudentFloridaCULVERLink
HCA/University of Central FloridaFloridaCWRULink
Halifax Health Family Medicine ResidencyFloridaMIDMICHLink
Halifax Health Family Medicine Residency ProgramFloridaOAKSTREETLink
Nova Southeastern UniversityFloridaKCULink
Nova Southeastern UniversityFloridaUPSTATELink
University of South FloridaFloridaHHCLink
USF Morsani College of MedicineFloridaMEMORIALLink
FSU Pre-Medical AMSAFloridaSCENICLink
University of MiamiFloridaAMSAACOMLink
Johns Hopkins All Children's HospitalFloridaSAVILALink
Broward health medical centerFloridaWAHEALTHLink
First Choice Primary CareGeorgiaFLORIDALink
Emory Pediatric Residency ProgramGeorgiaYALELink
Emory Pediatric Residency ProgramGeorgiaCFHLink
United WayGeorgiaSATHEALTHLink
Medical College of GeorgiaGeorgiaWRIGHTLink
Shepherd CenterGeorgiaLLSOMLink
Emory UniversityGeorgiaPENNMDLink
shepard centerGeorgiaTIGERCARELink
healthy future gaGeorgiaTULANELink
sister songGeorgiaFAIRVIEWLink
Emory EM ResidencyGeorgiaTEMPLELink
Black Child Development Institute of AtlantaGeorgiaUTSWMDLink
AMSA Chapter @UH HiloHawaiiLSCHCLink
Northwestern OBGYNIllinoisEMORYLink
Rush University Medical CenterIllinoisHSOLink
Lurie Children’sIllinoisBLAZERLink
MacNeal HospitalIllinoisCCHMCLink
Rush Medical CollegeIllinoisAACHCLink
MacNeal EDIllinoisUABLink
University of ChicagoIllinoisMONTELink
Rush University Medical CenterIllinoisHIGHLANDLink
University of Illinois College of MedicineIllinoisHOWARDLink
University of Illinois College of Medicine PeoriaIllinoisMARICOPALink
Heartland Health CentersIllinoisCORNELLLink
Lurie Children's Hospital of ChicagoIllinoisWMHCLink
University of Chicago MedicineIllinoisINOVALink
University of Chicago Internal Medicine ResidencyIllinoisCHILDRENSMNLink
Advocate Aurora Illinois Masonic Medical CentreIllinoisGVHCLink
Advocate Aurora Illinois MasonicIllinoisKECKLink
La Rabida Children's HospitalIllinoisSALUDLink
Temple University Hospital (TUH)IllinoisTUHLink
Northwestern HospitalIllinoisOREGONACPLink
Typeform TestIllinoisWOUNDLink
AMITA Health OBGYN ResidencyIllinoisCARDIOLink
Loyola University Medical CenterIllinoisNEWMEXICOLink
Gottlieb Memorial HospitalIllinoisLAC-USCLink
Loyola Medical GroupIllinoisTFMLink
Loyola Physicians GroupIllinoisBUCKEYELink
University of Illinois College of MedicineIllinoisUWLink
Women in Medicine SummitIllinoisNCHLink
Rush University Medical CenterIllinoisLHCLink
Family Christian Health Center (FQHC)IllinoisTEENSLink
Indiana University School of MedicineIndianaALLINALink
Indiana UniversityIndianaVIBRANTLink
Indiana UniversityIndianaUCSDLink
AMSA Chapter Marian University College of Osteopathic MedicineIndianaMETROIMRESLink
Indiana UniversityIndianaADELANTELink
University of Iowa Carver College of MedicineIowaPNWULink
University of IowaIowaMERTIUSLink
The University of Kansas Health SystemKansasFMCLink
University of Louisville School of MedicineKentuckySEAMARLink
Health Help, Inc.KentuckyHWCOMLink
University of Rochester Medical Center (StrongED)LouisianaSTRONGEDLink
Tulane University School of MedicineLouisianaROCHESTERLink
Tulane Child PsychiatryLouisianaJERICHOLink
LSU Spirit of Charity Emergency MedicineLouisianaBUSMLink
Tulane University School of MedicineLouisianaDARTMOUTHLink
Planned Parenthood of Northern New EnglandMaineNFOBGYNLink
Maine Medical CenterMaineLAWRENCELink
Children's National Hospital (AHC)MarylandAHCLink
Meritus HealthMarylandSOMALink
Howard County General HospitalMarylandUMASSLink
Johns HopkinsMarylandOBGYNLink
HealthPartners (Midway)MarylandMIDWAYLink
The George Washington University Hospital (GW2)MarylandGWLink
FHCB Health SystemMarylandBAYSTATELink
University of Maryland PediatricsMarylandCWLink
Harvard Medical SchoolMassachusettsRRHCLink
Boston Medical CenterMassachusettsVACHALink
Lynn Community Health CenterMassachusettsCOLORADOLink
Boston Medical CenterMassachusettsDIENTESLink
NorthShore Medical CenterMassachusettsWAKELink
Children's National Hospital (Bear)MassachusettsBEARLink
Greater Lawrence Family Health CenterMassachusettsTULANECAPLink
UMass Memorial Medical Center Department of Emergency MedicineMassachusettsLACASALink
Boston University School of MedicineMassachusettsTHRIVELink
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical CenterMassachusettsVALLEYWISELink
Massachusetts General HospitalMassachusettsCHIPSLink
Mercy Medical Center and affiliatesMassachusettsNJMSLink
Lahey Hospital and Medical CenterMassachusettsFAMILYFIRSTLink
Healthpartners (HP)MassachusettsHPLink
National Student Response Network (NSRN)MassachusettsSHHCLink
University of MichiganMichiganDAVISLink
Michigan State College of Human MedicineMichiganIBLink
Western Michigan University Homer Stryker M.D. School of MedicineMichiganSANLink
Ascension HealthMichiganREADYLink
Beaumont HealthMichiganCOMMUNICARELink
Corner HealthMichiganATRIUMLink
Bronson Healthcare GroupMichiganGRANGERLink
Wayne State University/Detroit Medical CenterMichiganWMEDLink
Wayne State University PA ProgramMichiganFHCNLink
Hennepin HealthcareMinnesotaMUSCLink
Hennepin HealthcareMinnesotaUNCCHERLink
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities Medical SchoolMinnesotaHJAHCLink
Essentia HealthMinnesotaIBHSLink
M Health FairviewMinnesotaUPHAMSLink
Lake Superior Community Health CenterMinnesotaPEORIALink
M Health FairviewMinnesotaBAYLORLink
Children's MinnesotaMinnesotaCHONYLink
University of Minnesota Medical SchoolMinnesotaSTCHRISLink
Lutheran Social Service of MinnesotaMinnesotaHOFHCLink
M Health FairviewMinnesotaCKHSLink
University of MinnesotaMinnesotaUVALink
Gillette Children's Specialty HealthcareMinnesotaSNAHPLink
The Eagle's NestMississippiHFMLink
National Pharmaceutical AssociationMissouriBABIESLink
Washington University in St. Louis School of MedicineMissouriJACOBILink
Kansas City University of Medicine and BiosciencesMissouriNCBLink
CHIPS Health and WellnessMissouriMACOMBLink
Saint Louis University School of MedicineMissouriBCHLink
Barnes Jewish HospitalMissouriCHCSNOLink
BJC HealthCareMissouriREADINGLink
Children's MercyMissouriLCCCLink
Student National Medical AssociationMissouriHCGHLink
MU Health CareMissouriLECOMLink
Creighton University School of MedicineNebraskaLOUISVILLELink
Geisel School of MedicineNew HampshireMAYOLink
DartmouthNew HampshireHALIFAXLink
Planned Parenthood of Northern New EnglandNew HampshireUCHCLink
Rutgers New Jersey Medical School- LMSANew JerseySTRONGLink
Henry J. Austin Health CenterNew JerseyLCHCLink
St. Joseph's Regional Medical CenterNew JerseyWC4BLLink
St. Joseph's Regional Medical CenterNew JerseyCOOKLink
JSUMC Pediatric ResidencyNew JerseyPATERSONLink
Cooper Medical School of Rowan UniversityNew JerseyCARVERLink
Hackensack Medical CenterNew JerseyMASONICLink
Saint Peter's University HospitalNew JerseySINAILink
Casa de Salud Family Medical OfficeNew MexicoHOPKINSLink
UNM HospitalNew MexicoOUWBLink
Southern New Mexico Family Medicine Residency ProgramNew MexicoOHIOHEALTHLink
Columbia Vagelos College of Physicians and SurgeonsNew YorkUTAHLink
St. Barnabas HospitalNew YorkNYPLink
NY Otolaryngology GroupNew YorkLARABIDALink
Bellevue HospitalNew YorkNYPQUEENSLink
Maimonides Medical CenterNew YorkUCLALink
University of RochesterNew YorkNYULink
Albert Einstein College of MedicineNew YorkSLULink
SUNY Upstate Medical UniversityNew YorkUCONNLink
Jericho Road Community Health CenterNew YorkNMHOSPITALLink
NYPNew YorkBWHLink
Highland Family Medicine, Rochester NYNew YorkFCAAPLink
Zucker School of Medicine White Coats for Black LivesNew YorkELMHURSTLink
Columbia Pediatrics ResidencyNew YorkLINCOLNLink
New York Presbyterian QueensNew YorkNYCLink
NYU Langone HealthNew YorkFHCBLink
Phoenix HouseNew YorkALLERGYLink
The Floating HospitalNew YorkNOVEMBERLink
Montefiore Medical CenterNew YorkPHOENIXLink
Montefiore Medical CenterNew YorkPIEDMONTLink
University of Rochester Strong Memorial HospitalNew YorkMU-COMLink
Bellevue HospitalNew YorkWUEMLink
Mount Sinai Kravis Children's HospitalNew YorkMYHEALTHLink
Voices of Community Activists and LeadersNew YorkAMITALink
WakeMedNorth CarolinaBHCLink
WakeMedNorth CarolinaKYHEALTHLink
UNC School of MedicineNorth CarolinaYAVAPAILink
MAHEC FHCNorth CarolinaMETROLink
University of North CarolinaNorth CarolinaJSUMCPEDSLink
Wake Forest School of MedicineNorth CarolinaHTXLink
Atrium HealthNorth CarolinaFLOATINGLink
UNC Center for Health Equity ResearchNorth CarolinaALAMANCELink
Appalachian State University Women's CenterNorth CarolinaMONTEFIORELink
dukeNorth CarolinaCRESCENTLink
DukeNorth CarolinaMETROHEALTHLink
UNC Ob/GynNorth CarolinaBJCHCLink
University of Cincinnati, Department of Emergency MedicineOhioUSFLink
University of Cincinnati Medical CenterOhioCORNERLink
The Ohio State UniversityOhioTMCLink
The MetroHealth System in Cleveland, OHOhioFPCNLink
Northeast Ohio Neighborhood Health Services, Inc.OhioPPNNELink
Riverside Methodist Hospital (OhioHealth)OhioCHLALink
Equitas HealthOhioFREEDOMLink
MetroHealth Medical Center Internal Medicine- PediatricsOhioUCILink
University of Toledo Department of OBGYNOhioTOLEDOLink
Akron Children’s HospitalOhioINFORMEDLink
Oregon Health & Science UniversityOregonOWLSLink
OHSU Family Medicine at RichmondOregonMERCYLink
Oregon Health and Science UniversityOregonAKRONLink
Oregon Chapter of American College of PhysiciansOregonFORTHEKIDSLink
Oregon Health and Science UniversityOregonMIDDLESEXLink
Oregon Health & Science UniversityOregonSANDIEGOLink
Children's Hospital of PhiladelphiaPennsylvaniaTHWLink
Penn state medicinePennsylvaniaLUMCLink
University of PennsylvaniaPennsylvaniaGMHLink
Penn MedicinePennsylvaniaLMGLink
Abington Jefferson HealthPennsylvaniaLPGLink
Thomas Jefferson University HospitalPennsylvaniaHUMPHREYLink
University of Pittsburgh Medical CenterPennsylvaniaSCHLink
Penn MedicinePennsylvaniaJEFFLink
Temple University HospitalPennsylvaniaWBHLink
Welsh Mountain Health CentersPennsylvaniaTAMPEDSLink
Temple University HospitalPennsylvaniaBRONSONLink
Lancaster Health CenterPennsylvaniaFCCLink
Thomas Jefferson UniversityPennsylvaniaHACKENSACKLink
Oak Street HealthPennsylvaniaUMARYLANDLink
Family First HealthPennsylvaniaCOOPERLink
Squirrel Hill Health CenterPennsylvaniaMACHOUSELink
St. Christopher's Hospital for ChildrenPennsylvaniaBULLSLink
St Christopher's Hospital for ChildrenPennsylvaniaEAGLESNESTLink
Crozer Keystone HealthsystemPennsylvaniaAROSALink
Temple University HospitalPennsylvaniaFSUAMSALink
Lewis Katz school of medicine, temple universityPennsylvaniaUTHSCLink
Women’s Behavioral HealthPennsylvaniaMANETLink
Women’s Behavioral HealthPennsylvaniaGWSMHSLink
Drexel UniversityPennsylvaniaOLOLLink
Geisinger Commonwealth School of MedicinePennsylvaniaWIMSLink
Salisbury UniversityRhode IslandSALISBURYLink
Alpert Medical School (Brown University)Rhode IslandCULink
Care New England, LifespanRhode IslandBIDMCLink
Care New England, LifespanRhode IslandMSJLink
MUSCSouth CarolinaRFPULink
Medical University of South CarolinaSouth CarolinaCHCPLink
Medical University of South CarolinaSouth CarolinaFCHCLink
Prisma HealthSouth CarolinaWAYNELink
University of South Carolina School of Medicine, ColumbiaSouth CarolinaKERNLink
University of Tennessee - College of Social WorkTennesseeFHCWLink
University of Tennessee - College of Social WorkTennesseePRISMALink
University of Tennessee - College of Social WorkTennesseeNSMCLink
University of Tennessee - ErlangerTennesseeSNMA-LMSALink
University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center- College of MedicineTennesseeECULink
University of Tennessee, College of Social WorkTennesseeIUHS-AMSALink
UT Rio Grande Valley School of MedicineTexasMORANLink
UT Health San AntonioTexasMMCLink
University of Texas Southwestern Medical CenterTexasHEALLink
Baylor College of MedicineTexasDRHLink
Wellness PointeTexasRADYSLink
Austin Regional ClinicTexasUMKCLink
Austin Regional ClinicTexasCHILDHEALTHLink
University of Minnesota (GME)UtahGMELink
University of Utah Pediatric ResidencyUtahUMMCPEDSLink
University of UtahUtahUSCSOMLink
University of Utah HealthUtahUMIAMILink
Eastern Virginia Medical SchoolVirginiaRCSILink
Hampton Roads Community Health CenterVirginiaVINCENTOBGYNLink
Virginia Emergency Medicine AssociatesVirginiaNYUORTHOLink
University of VirginiaVirginiaTUVOZLink
University of Virginia School of MedicineVirginiaTUVOTOLink
University of VirginiaVirginiaGSCOMLink
Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCUVirginiaVOCALLink
Virginia Tech Carilion School of MedicineVirginiaNMLink
Community Health Network of WashingtonWashingtonNBIMCLink
Tacoma Family medicine residencyWashingtonMSUCOMLink
Sea Mar Community Health CenterWashingtonMEDLINKLink
Community Health Center of Snohomish CountyWashingtonLAKEVIEWLink
Resident & Fellow Physician Union - NorthwestWashingtonLAHEYLink
NorthLakes Community ClinicWisconsinVOTEAMSALink
University of Wisconsin - MadisonWisconsinMCGLink
Medical College of WisconsinWisconsinSHEPHERDLink
Scenic Bluffs Community Health CentersWisconsinEMORYOBLink
Emory UniversityWisconsinEMORYPSYCHLink
Medical College of WisconsinWisconsinMOREHOUSEOBLink
Lakeshore Community Health CareWisconsinGHFLink
Bridge Community Health ClinicWisconsinSISTERSONGLink
Advocate Aurora - WisconsinWisconsinCHOALink
Medical College of WisconsinWisconsinEMORYEMLink
Indiana University School of MedicineFUTURELink
Total Health Care, Inc.VOLUNTEERSLink
Morehouse School of MedicineGeorgiaMSMLink
University of Massachusetts Medical SchoolMassachusettsUMMSLink
Ikigai Physicians Group, Inc.CaliforniaIPGLink
Weill Cornell Medical CollegeNew YorkWCMCLink
Medical SchoolMassachusettsTUFTSLink
Tulane Student Clinic CouncilLouisianaTULANESCCLink

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