About Us

We are a team of physicians, designers, and behavioral scientists committed to helping make it easier for patients to participate in the democratic process. Hospitals and community health clinics, like schools, DMVs, and libraries, are central touchpoints in communities, where citizens should consider their civic health as well as their physical and mental health.

We work closely with ideas42, a nonprofit behavioral design firm, and their Nonvoter Innovation Lab. We started our journey with a pilot at Massachusetts General Hospital and have now expanded to partner with healthcare professionals and organizations all over the country. They also serve as our fiscal sponsors. We are structured as a 501(c)(3) nonpartisan, nonprofit organization. Our goal is to provide patients the opportunity to register to vote, because much of our healthcare system and healthcare experiences are determined by the policies our elected officials implement.

We are nonpartisan because we believe in a truly democratic process, and aspire towards an American democracy that is inclusive to all. VotER does not support or oppose any political party or candidate for office. Rather, we hope that everyone takes it upon themselves to be politically engaged and informed so that they can vote for those that best represent their interests. Any and all views expressed by individuals or partners are their own and do not constitute the views or position of VotER.