Vote at Home

COVID19 has made electoral participation a public health issue

Whether it’s a screen, a pen, or a lever, voting requires touching a number of communal surfaces that can easily spread COVID19. And poll workers and election volunteers who staff polling places are overwhelmingly older Americans who have the highest mortality rates from COVID19.

Wisconsin’s Story 

The Wisconsin primary in April laid bare the peril yet necessity of voting in this election cycle. Wisconsin residents felt like they had to choose between their health and voting and subsequently more than 50 people who participated during that state’s presidential primary tested positive for COVID19. As health care providers committed to fighting the spread of COVID19, we must do all we can to make it safe for patients to make their voices heard in the 2020 election cycle.

Vote at Home is the Safest Option for our Patients

Vote at home ensures that our patients can stay safe without sacrificing their right to vote. As health care providers invested in the health of our patients we need to make it easy for them to access absentee ballots that allow them to safely vote at home.

Healthy Democracy Kit Makes It Easy

Our patients should be able to vote without fear of getting sick. The badge backers, lanyards, and posters in our healthy democracy kits walk patients through the entire absentee ballot request process on their phones, and will help get patients ready to have a safe experience voting in the wake of this pandemic. Thousands of providers have already leveraged these kits to ensure their patients have a healthy and safe voting experience.

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