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Temporary Healthy Democracy Kits


Temporary Kits to Get Started Right Now

We have seen an explosive growth in the number of orders and we are trying our best to ensure that all who have ordered a healthy democracy kit will get at least one at no cost. If you entered a large order (>10) we will likely not be able to fulfill the entire order unless a) we coordinate with you a way to cover the costs of the kit and shipping or b) we are able to dramatically increase our fundraising efforts.

As a response we have created two temporary Healthy Democracy Kits as a placeholder until the plastic card is shipped to you. The kits can be downloaded and be used by social workers and medical providers which have separate referral codes.

Soft Copy Kits

The soft copy of the Healthy Democracy Kit has the same exact functionally as the plastic badge backer. The text code and QR codes do the same functions as the plastic cards. We recommend that you print and laminate them or at the very least print them on thick card stock.

Health Care Provider Temp Badge

Phone Screensaver

You can make the temporary kit function as your screensaver on your phone so it's always in reach. This has the bonus of allowing you to help register folks even when you are not wearing your lanyard/are not at work. If you don't want to use the lock screen you can also use it as the background screen OR just download it to your photo album.

Iphone bade

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