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Omar Sanchez Marquez
Omar Sanchez Marquez
Arizona Regional Organizer

Omar Sanchez Marquez serves as the Arizona Regional Organizer for Vot-ER. Working with the various organizations and partners Vot-ER has in the state of Arizona. Omar is a first generation Mexican immigrant, and a recently naturalized American citizen, residing from Mesa Arizona. Omar graduated from Arizona State University with a BA in Sustainability and soon after earned a Master of Sustainability Solutions (MSUS). Omar has worked and volunteered on various campaigns and voting initiatives for over 10 years. Vot-ER has combined two of Omar’s strongest passions with civic engagement and healthcare. Throughout his college and professional experience Omar has worked and focused on topics such as, food insecurity and waste, immigrant rights and racial profiling, student homelessness, and healthcare accessibility. When Omar is not focused on Vot-ER, he is playing guitar, building model kits, or following and ranting about sports, and other random topics.