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Social Work and the Healthy Democracy Kit

Voting is Social Work

Social workers have a long track record of success doing voter registration at rates higher than even traditional voter registration groups. The institution of The Human Service Employees Voter Registration and Education Campaign (Human SERVE) and the successful National Social Work Voter Mobilization Campaign (Voting is Social Work) demonstrate that the social work profession has always known that voter registration and voting support a robust democracy, a just society, and an equitable health care system. At VotER, we know that for decades social work has been out in front doing the hard work of voter registration in all settings and our free healthy democracy kit makes it easier for social workers across the country to do just that.

Badge Backers and Lanyards

Social workers across all specialties can help get their clients registered to vote with our VotER badge backers. It's as simple as giving your client the QR code and letting them scan it on their phone. The site guides them from there!

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Poster Templates

Social workers across all specialties can make it easy for patients to register on their phones using our poster templates. We make text short codes and QR codes for each poster that allow you to offer easy voter registration options for your patients.