Peach Cup

The Peach Cup is a competition to find out which medical school, residency, or clinic can help the most Georgians vote in the Runoff!

Healthcare is on the Ballot.

Healthcare is on the ballot in Georgia for the upcoming Senate Runoff and thousands of healthcare providers across the state are already helping folks get ready to vote in the January 5th election in a nonpartisan and straightforward way.

The Peach Cup is a competition between Georgia-based healthcare institutions such as medical schools, residency programs, PA schools, and nursing schools to help members of the Georgia community get ready to vote in the upcoming Senate Runoffs.

Introducing a Georgia State-Wide Scoreboard to Track Results!

We are proud to announce that we now have the ability to track the number of voter registrations, mail-in ballot requests, and early voting plans made that each individual school, program, or clinic is able to produce! This will allow us to crown a winner on January 5th!

School-Specific Badges Give Us the Ability To Track Engagement!

How to Get Started

Nominate one or two people to be your school’s Team Captains. Each Team Captain is responsible for coordinating the bulk order process to get their team all set up with their school specific Healthy Democracy Kits! These are phone backgrounds and printable badges that direct patients to state-specific voter registration and absentee ballot request processes. Click here for resources on how the HD kits work.

Not sure if your school or program already has a captain? Email to check!

1.) Follow @Vot_ER_Org on Twitter and Instagram.

2.) Order your Healthy Democracy Kits for your med school in the form below.

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