Overall Leaderboard


Rank (combined)InstitutionRegister to VoteVote from HomeTotal Patients Helped
1Vote Columbia Vagelos College of Physicians358
3Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia022
4Children’s Mercy000
4Cincinnati Peds000
4Contra Costa Health Services000
4Cook County Health000
4Duke University000
4Einstein Badge000
4Gibson Area Hospital and Health Services000
4Greenwood County Hospital000
4Harvard Med000
4Kansas Hospital Association000
4Klingberg Family Centers000
4MGH Clinic000
4MHC Healthcare000
4Mt. Sinai Manhattan000
4Packard Health Site-Based000
4Packard Health Social000
4PCC Community Wellness Center000
4Providence Regional Medical Center Everett000
4Valley Health Systems and Envision Physician Services000
4Vote Banner – UA Phoenix000
4Vote Frank H Netter School of Medicine000
4Vote Georgetown University School of Medicine000
4Vote Hopkins Pediatrics000
4Vote Kings000
4Vote LMSA Twin Cities000
4Vote National Pharmaceutical Association000
4Vote North Philly Clinic000
4Vote Northwestern OBGYN000
4Vote Ohio State University000
4Vote St. Barnabas Hospital000
4Vote University of Cincinnati Medical Center000
4Vote University of Cincinnati, Dept of Emergency Medicine000
4Vote University of Illinois at Chicago000
4Vote University of Michigan000
4Washington University000

This Week

Rank (combined)InstitutionRegister to VoteVote from HomeTotal Patients Helped
1Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia141933
4Duke University61117
5Columbia Vagelos College of Physicians5914
8University of Illinois at Chicago145
8University of Michigan145
11MHC Healthcare022
11Packard Health Social022
13Children’s Mercy101
13MGH Clinic101
13Providence Regional Medical Center Everett101
13Frank H Netter School of Medicine101
17Cincinnati Peds000
17Contra Costa Health Services000
17Cook County Health000
17Gibson Area Hospital and Health Services000
17Greenwood County Hospital000
17Harvard Med000
17Kansas Hospital Association000
17Klingberg Family Centers000
17Mt. Sinai Manhattan000
17Packard Health Site-Based000
17PCC Community Wellness Center000
17Valley Health Systems and Envision Physician Services000
17Banner – UA Phoenix000
17Georgetown University School of Medicine000
17Hopkins Pediatrics000
17LMSA Twin Cities000
17National Pharmaceutical Association000
17North Philly Clinic000
17Northwestern OBGYN000
17Ohio State University000
17St. Barnabas Hospital000
17University of Cincinnati Medical Center000
17University of Cincinnati, Dept of Emergency Medicine000
17Washington University000

This Month

Rank (combined)InstitutionRegister to VoteVote from HomeTotal Patients Helped
2Frank H Netter School of Medicine122638
3Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia141933
4Duke University102030
6Packard Health Site-Based8816
7Columbia Vagelos College of Physicians4913
8University of Illinois at Chicago268
8University of Michigan358
10Kansas Hospital Association347
10MHC Healthcare167
15Cincinnati Peds224
16Children’s Mercy303
16Klingberg Family Centers123
16Packard Health Social123
19Valley Health Systems and Envision Physician Services022
21MGH Clinic101
21Providence Regional Medical Center Everett101
21St. Barnabas Hospital101
24Contra Costa Health Services000
24Cook County Health000
24Gibson Area Hospital and Health Services000
24Greenwood County Hospital000
24Harvard Med000
24Mt. Sinai Manhattan000
24PCC Community Wellness Center000
24Banner – UA Phoenix000
24Georgetown University School of Medicine000
24Hopkins Pediatrics000
24LMSA Twin Cities000
24National Pharmaceutical Association000
24North Philly Clinic000
24Northwestern OBGYN000
24Ohio State University000
24University of Cincinnati Medical Center000
24University of Cincinnati, Dept of Emergency Medicine000
24Washington University000

All Time

Rank (combined)InstitutionRegister to VoteVote from HomeTotal Patients Helped
2Duke University80200280
3Packard Health Site-Based63191254
4Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia3864102
5Kansas Hospital Association323668
6Packard Health Social84351
7Frank H Netter School of Medicine132841
9Banner – UA Phoenix61521
10MHC Healthcare41620
11University of Michigan9918
13University of Illinois at Chicago7916
14Columbia Vagelos College of Physicians51015
15Children’s Mercy8210
15Cincinnati Peds5510
18University of Cincinnati, Dept of Emergency Medicine729
19Klingberg Family Centers448
19St. Barnabas Hospital538
22Georgetown University School of Medicine145
23MGH Clinic224
25Valley Health Systems and Envision Physician Services123
25LMSA Twin Cities033
25Ohio State University123
25University of Cincinnati Medical Center123
29Greenwood County Hospital202
29Mt. Sinai Manhattan022
29Providence Regional Medical Center Everett202
29North Philly Clinic112
29Northwestern OBGYN202
29Washington University112
36Contra Costa Health Services101
36Cook County Health101
36Gibson Area Hospital and Health Services101
36Harvard Med101
36PCC Community Wellness Center011
36Hopkins Pediatrics101
36National Pharmaceutical Association101

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