Overall Leaderboard

Rank (combined)InstitutionRegister to VoteVote from HomeTotal Patients Helped
1Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia000
1Children’s Mercy000
1Cincinnati Peds000
1Contra Costa Health Services000
1Cook County Health000
1Duke University000
1Einstein Badge000
1Gibson Area Hospital and Health Services000
1Greenwood County Hospital000
1Harvard Med000
1Kansas Hospital Association000
1Klingberg Family Centers000
1MGH Clinic000
1MHC Healthcare000
1Mt. Sinai Manhattan000
1Packard Health Site-Based000
1Packard Health Social000
1PCC Community Wellness Center000
1Providence Regional Medical Center Everett000
1Valley Health Systems and Envision Physician Services000
1Vote Banner – UA Phoenix000
1Vote Columbia Vagelos College of Physicians000
1Vote Frank H Netter School of Medicine000
1Vote Georgetown University School of Medicine000
1Vote Hopkins Pediatrics000
1Vote Kings000
1Vote LMSA Twin Cities000
1Vote National Pharmaceutical Association000
1Vote North Philly Clinic000
1Vote Northwestern OBGYN000
1Vote Ohio State University000
1Vote St. Barnabas Hospital000
1Vote University of Cincinnati Medical Center000
1Vote University of Cincinnati, Dept of Emergency Medicine000
1Vote University of Illinois at Chicago000
1Vote University of Michigan000
1Washington University000
Last 7 Days
Rank (combined)InstitutionRegister to VoteVote from HomeTotal Patients Helped
2Columbia Vagelos College of Physicians022
3Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia000
3Children’s Mercy000
3Cincinnati Peds000
3Contra Costa Health Services000
3Cook County Health000
3Duke University000
3Gibson Area Hospital and Health Services000
3Greenwood County Hospital000
3Harvard Med000
3Kansas Hospital Association000
3Klingberg Family Centers000
3MGH Clinic000
3MHC Healthcare000
3Mt. Sinai Manhattan000
3Packard Health Site-Based000
3Packard Health Social000
3PCC Community Wellness Center000
3Providence Regional Medical Center Everett000
3Valley Health Systems and Envision Physician Services000
3Banner – UA Phoenix000
3Frank H Netter School of Medicine000
3Georgetown University School of Medicine000
3Hopkins Pediatrics000
3LMSA Twin Cities000
3National Pharmaceutical Association000
3North Philly Clinic000
3Northwestern OBGYN000
3Ohio State University000
3St. Barnabas Hospital000
3University of Cincinnati Medical Center000
3University of Cincinnati, Dept of Emergency Medicine000
3University of Illinois at Chicago000
3University of Michigan000
3Washington University000
This Month
Rank (combined)InstitutionRegister to VoteVote from HomeTotal Patients Helped
1Washington University4968117
2Columbia Vagelos College of Physicians336093
5Duke University191029
6Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia131427
7University of Illinois at Chicago91221
9Kansas Hospital Association11011
11MGH Clinic257
12PCC Community Wellness Center426
12Banner – UA Phoenix426
12LMSA Twin Cities336
12University of Michigan246
16St. Barnabas Hospital325
17Children’s Mercy404
19Cook County Health123
20Contra Costa Health Services101
20MHC Healthcare101
22Cincinnati Peds000
22Gibson Area Hospital and Health Services000
22Greenwood County Hospital000
22Harvard Med000
22Klingberg Family Centers000
22Mt. Sinai Manhattan000
22Packard Health Site-Based000
22Packard Health Social000
22Providence Regional Medical Center Everett000
22Valley Health Systems and Envision Physician Services000
22Frank H Netter School of Medicine000
22Georgetown University School of Medicine000
22Hopkins Pediatrics000
22National Pharmaceutical Association000
22North Philly Clinic000
22Northwestern OBGYN000
22Ohio State University000
22University of Cincinnati Medical Center000
22University of Cincinnati, Dept of Emergency Medicine000
All Time
Rank (combined)InstitutionRegister to VoteVote from HomeTotal Patients Helped
1Columbia Vagelos College of Physicians37311021475
3University of Michigan187236423
4Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia160254414
5Duke University140248388
6University of Illinois at Chicago179185364
9Packard Health Site-Based71203274
10Washington University86144230
11Banner – UA Phoenix37100137
12Kansas Hospital Association4276118
13St. Barnabas Hospital5945104
14Cook County Health504494
15MGH Clinic473178
16Children’s Mercy512071
17Frank H Netter School of Medicine253762
18Packard Health Social104959
19Georgetown University School of Medicine222648
21MHC Healthcare92837
22LMSA Twin Cities221436
24PCC Community Wellness Center211334
25Klingberg Family Centers141024
26Cincinnati Peds10717
27University of Cincinnati, Dept of Emergency Medicine9211
29Valley Health Systems and Envision Physician Services729
31Contra Costa Health Services527
32Northwestern OBGYN325
33Providence Regional Medical Center Everett224
34Ohio State University123
34University of Cincinnati Medical Center123
36Greenwood County Hospital202
36Harvard Med202
36Mt. Sinai Manhattan022
36North Philly Clinic112
40Gibson Area Hospital and Health Services101
40Hopkins Pediatrics101
40National Pharmaceutical Association101

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