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Voter registration during vaccinations

We’ve prepared scripts in both English and Spanish to help guide you through getting the voter registration conversation started in vaccination settings, as well as posters, handouts, and band aids to connect individuals to the voter registration platform.

Prompting a Conversation

Someone just got vaccinated – yay! As they spend the next 15 minutes in observation, let’s also get them registered to vote. Here are some sample scripts you can use to get the conversation going.

Prompting a Conversation – Spanish

Si alguien es indocumentado o no está seguro de su estado migratorio actual, no hay problema – Ya ha prestado un gran servicio a su comunidad al vacunarse. Solo los ciudadanos son elegibles para votar entonces aunque no pueda usarlo, le invitamos a que tome este volante y lo comparta con familiares y amigos que sean ciudadanos y quieran votar.

Resources – Flyers, Posters, and Band Aids

You are welcome to use the following resources! Feel free to add your own logo and adapt them to your own vaccination settings. Materials are currently available in English and Spanish.

Links to the templates and instructions for making your own copies of the posters, flyers, and stickers can be found by clicking here. Please note that the Spanish version of the resources are included in each Canva template.

“This is Our Shot” flyer Canva template

“Protect Yourself and Protect Your Community” poster Canva template

“Your Shot, Your Voice” sticker Canva template