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Use VotER With Your Patients & Colleagues

Download our FINAL STRETCH kit

Start registering people to vote right away! This kit comes with a printable PDF badge backer, an iphone lock screen, email signature, and posters.

Learn How to Talk about Voter Registration

Use our pre-drafted scripts to help you use your Healthy Democracy Kit most effectively. Also, check out our video for more guidance.

Add VotER to your Email Signature

Add voter registration to your email signature so people can register to vote and request an absentee ballot with the click of a button.

Get Your Institution Set-Up With VotER

Download Our Posters

Download and print out our posters and handouts to excite patients about registering to vote. The resources are in English and Spanish.

VotER Digital

Our digital offerings allow you to reach patients beyond your clinic walls. These tools include automated text messages and a message to add to your website.

Get Institutional Buy In

Use our resources to help get institutional approval for VotER. We have FAQs, a one-pager, and legal briefs you can share with your administration.

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Share Pictures with your VotER Materials on Social!

Take pictures with your healthy democracy kits and share them on your social media. You can tag us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Donate to Help Us Continue this Work

VotER is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. If you are able, please make a small dollar donation to make sure that this important work continues!

Share VotER with Your Colleagues

Use our pre-written email draft to inform your colleagues about VotER and encourage them to start registering patients to vote.