Georgia Senate Runoff – January 5th, 2021

OrganizationRegister to VoteVote By MailVote EarlyTotalRank
Emory Pediatric Residency00001
Emory School of Medicine00001
Piedmont Health Services00001
Midtown Urology00001
First Choice Primary Care00001
Children's Mercy00001
Snapfinger Woods Pediatrics00001
Medical Associates Plus00001
Georgia Civic Health Month Sites00001
Medical College of Georgia00001
Morehouse School of Medicine00001
PCOM Georgia00001
The Shepherd Center00001

Last 7 Days
OrganizationRegister to VoteVote By MailVote EarlyTotalRank
Morehouse School of Medicine181018461
PCOM Georgia6146262
Emory Pediatric Residency426123
Medical College of Georgia14384
Emory School of Medicine00005
Piedmont Health Services00005
Midtown Urology00005
First Choice Primary Care00005
Children's Mercy00005
Snapfinger Woods Pediatrics00005
Medical Associates Plus00005
Georgia Civic Health Month Sites00005
The Shepherd Center00005

All Time
OrganizationRegister to VoteVote By MailVote EarlyTotalRank
Emory Pediatric Residency5190201611
Morehouse School of Medicine181018462
Medical College of Georgia71413343
PCOM Georgia6146264
Georgia Civic Health Month Sites486185
Emory School of Medicine663156
Piedmont Health Services40047
First Choice Primary Care13047
Midtown Urology20029
Snapfinger Woods Pediatrics02029
Medical Associates Plus02029
Children's Mercy000012
The Shepherd Center000012

The numbers above represent individuals who have begun the process to register to vote, request a mail ballot, or vote early. They do not represent completed registrations, ballot requests, or early votes.

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