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EPIC news: Epic launches MyChart Integration for Voter Registration

We are beyond thrilled to share that Epic, the Electronic Health Record system that serves over 305 million patients across the country, now includes voter registration options for all customers! With guidance provided by Vot-ER, Epic has launched an optional ‘build’ for any existing partnering site to integrate different voter registration reminders using Vot-ER. It goes without saying but this news is truly EPIC!

This initiative marks a significant step forward in empowering patients to participate in the democratic process. Through ongoing discussions and advocacy efforts, Vot-ER has successfully advocated for the integration of voter registration options within Epic’s platform. Now, patients across the nation can have convenient access to voter registration opportunities directly through their healthcare providers.

Epic’s integration of voter registration features presents a groundbreaking opportunity to enhance civic participation among patients. For healthcare institutions utilizing Epic, this integration represents a unique opportunity to deepen their connection with patients beyond traditional healthcare services. By incorporating voter registration reminders and opportunities into routine patient interactions, providers can encourage active civic engagement among their patient populations.

This initiative underscores the transformative potential of leveraging healthcare systems to promote civic engagement. By making voter registration a seamless part of the patient experience, we empower individuals to not only prioritize their health but also actively participate in shaping the future of our democracy.

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