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Apply for the Community Civic Engagement Program

How to apply

Thank you for your interest in the Community Civic Engagement Program! Before filling out the 15-minute application, please:
Choose a track
Designate a point person
Obtain approval from senior leadership
The designation person will attend a 1.5 hour training and be Vot-ER's point of contact throughout the duration of the grant.


Participating clinics must choose either the Digital Outreach, or Comprehensive Track; each track is associated with specific activities and requirements.

Digital Track

As part of the Digital Outreach Track, CHCs will send a series of weekly text messages to their patients in advance of the primary and general elections. The Vot-ER team can provide pre-written texts in Spanish and English tailored to your patient population. The text messages can include reminders to submit registration materials or return mail-in ballots.

The Digital Outreach Track is best suited for clinics that have an existing patient messaging system, such as CareMessage, and may be new to Vot-ER.

Text message conversation between health center and patient. Messages read:

Comprehensive Track

The Comprehensive Track equips CHCs to engage patients through various formats through the election season. This track uses the 5-touch model, which AltaMed successfully used to reach 200,000 voters in 2018. Each "touch" is a distinct opportunity for patients to register to vote, check their status and/or get voter education materials and reminders. We'll work with you to determine which "touches" make sense for your clinic, but you should start planning now.

Clinics participating in this track must implement three to five "touches," including but not limited to:

  • Communication: sending civic engagement texts or emails to patients and staff*.

  • Staff Training: Train clinic staff to ask patients about voter registration at check-in or during social history

  • Materials: Distribute postcards, handouts, signs, or other printed voter education materials **.

  • Workflow integration: incorporate voter registration options into discharge paperwork, admission questionnaires, check-ins, or other clinic workflows.

  • Vot-ER Tools: Distribute Vot- ER badges, Zoom wallpapers, cell phone wallpapers, and other registration tools to staff**

  • Events: Organize community voter education events, integrate civic engagement into existing events, or host a National Voter Registration Day on September 20***.


*CHC should already have a texting service, or we can introduce you to CareMessage.

**Materials will be provided by Vot-ER or covered by the CCEP grant.

***We’ll provide free AltaMed/Vot-ER t-shirts to staff at CHCs who commit to wearing them on a designated day


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I’m worried that this type of outreach will interfere with care.

Vot-ER helps clinics implement civic engagement while ensuring an uninterrupted care experience for patients and staff.

All of Vot-ER ‘s tools and programs are designed to work independently of healthcare staff involvement, and voter registration is done exclusively through patients’ personal devices. A voter text hotline is available to patients 24/7.

More than 130 healthcare sites and thousands of health care professionals across the country use Vot- ER in their daily practice. If you’re concerned about the impact of civic engagement on your clinic’s operations, please reach out. We want to work with you to address your concerns.

Are other community health centers engaged in this work?

Yes, Vot-ER’s tools are already being used in more than a dozen community health centers across the country. Many more are conducting their own formal and informal voter engagement programs. Most notably, our partner AltaMed, one of the largest community health systems in the country, reached over 200,000 voters in 2018 alone.

Apply for the Community Civic Engagement Program

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