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Graduate or Undergraduate Internship

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Launched in 2020, Vot-ER has scaled rapidly last year, now with 25,000 participating healthcare providers, over 300 hospitals, and a range of other partners. Now, the context we face is completely different. Our work in 2022 will lay the groundwork for what Vot-ER looks like for years to come.

Vot-ER has a robust internship program that helps undergraduates meet leaders in the fields of democracy and health, work with strong mentors, and build new skills. Note that this is a remote internship for undergraduate students.

You have one (or more) of the following superpowers:

  • Project management and coordinating complex logistics
  • Data analysis or software development
  • Graphic design or turning complicated topics into visual representations
  • Helping people and communities build plans and turn them into power
  • Writing for a range of audiences

How you enjoy showing up: 

  • Your professional goals or personal experiences have a strong link to either health, democracy, behavioral economics, policy, or politics (or more than one of these areas)
  • You are self-directed and take initiative to find places where you can improve our work
  • You enjoy being a part of a diverse team that has a strong sense of community
  • You enjoy the fast pace of an innovative startup
  • You are well-organized and respond in a timely manner on email, Slack, and text


Email Vot-ER’s Executive Director Aliya at aliya@vot-er.org using the subject line “Undergraduate Internship” with a work sample or project of your choice, a resume, and a response to the following two questions:

  1. Share a description of a project you particularly enjoyed working on. Please be sure to provide detail of the context, your role, the broader team, and why you enjoyed it.
  2. Why are you interested in working with VotER?